Who we are

Hi. We are ordinary people who decided to combine business with pleasure – porn and work. We have several sites which have been working for a long time, they please our visitors with honest reviews of almost all paid porn sites on the net. On those sites we have collected porn in all categories – from lustful fat girls to lesbians and fetish, like lovers of pissing each other. But we devoted very little attention to such an interesting topic as gay porn, because there was no real fan of looking at fucking men on our team. Now the situation has changed, and this site is completely dedicated to gay topics

Why are we doing this?

We make the Internet cleaner, we show people where the perfect sites are and where the outright shit is. We are against bullshit, fraud, and deception. We help you make up your mind and find the best, so you don’t have to pay for something you just came to see. 

What’s our bottom line?

Of course, such resources require financial support, maintaining the site and writing interesting reviews with no advertising requires an infusion. By clicking on links to paid sites and subscribing there, you get a discount. And the producers pay us a commission, so everything is fair and there is no cheating.