Bath House Bait review

Would you like to see gay porn where sex takes place in some unusual place, like a sauna? There are hot steam clouds enveloping all the participants, sweaty, muscular bodies covered in sweat, and moaning in all of this. Can you imagine? That’s exactly the kind of site we’re looking at today. Sit back, we’re about to embark on an exciting adventure.

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Bath House Bait Full review

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  • Exclusive content
  • Well-chosen actors
  • There are group scenes
  • Few updates
  • There are hidden ads
  • Low video quality

Bath House Bait, is a site that is part of the Gay Room network and will allow us to see gay porn, where part of the episodes take place in the sauna. In the clips presented, you can enjoy the sex of pumped up good-looking guys who enjoy exploring each other. 

Let me start with the unpleasant. The resource has been working for a long time, but I did not like the design, even in spite of such an interesting category. The interface of the site without much trouble allows even a new viewer to start using the resource. There are ads on the site, which at first glance seems to be part of the available videos on the site, this is a minus. 

Content Features

At the time of the review, a potential viewer is offered 46 episodes to watch in 720×404(MP4) or 1280×720(WMV) resolution. Also you will be offered sets of pictures, which can be downloaded. Separately, I note that by subscribing you get access to the entire network. Unfortunately, the site is very rarely updated, despite the presence of very good episodes. Also note that not all of the scenes were filmed in a sauna and that’s a minus.

My conclusions

Bath House Bait is a site that has good potential, but I can’t recommend it now. You have to decide for yourself whether you need it or not. Overall assessment: satisfactory.

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