Club Inferno Dungeon review

Do you like watching a big, handsome man shove his dick up another man’s ass? What if it’s not a dick? What if it’s a hand? Or something big? That’s not a bad picture, is it? Today we’re going to review a site where fisting is one of the main components of any video.

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Club Inferno Dungeon is a site with the best videos of gay men doing fisting. This site, in my humble opinion, is currently one of the best in its category. The resource itself is part of the Fisting Inferno network, where all extreme fisting videos and more are collected. The videos were originally released back on DVD, delighting their fans with violent anal breakthroughs and sex between men.

First impressions

Personally, I like the site for its variety, now I will try to explain what I mean. You can meet your favorite stars (Drew Sebastian, Kent North, Josh Weston, Brian Bonds, Teddy Bryce Cole Tucker and others) in numerous locations. Locker rooms, prisons, military camps, garages, home locations and more let you choose where you will fondle yourself with your favorite dildo today.

The actors starring in the commercials deserve a special mention. In addition to well-known characters, there are many unknown newcomers. Old, young, pumped up, twinks, with and without a beard – they will not leave you indifferent, shoving both fists and huge dildos into themselves.


The storyline is also presented very well. Often the plot develops according to the location in which the shooting takes place. We can see an elderly trainer coaching his athletes in a practical demonstration of his skills, or a muscular military man having fun in a drill. We can see couples as well as groups. In addition to fisting, which is the main element of the story, the videos also include the usual blowjobs and ass penetration of dicks.

The workings of the site

Let’s talk a little bit about the resource itself. As far as I know, relatively recently an update came out that changed the look of the site and the network as a whole a bit. It is worth noting the simple and informative navigation, which allows you to easily navigate through the tabs and select the desired category. Personally, I was pleased with the large number of filters, which allows you to customize your preferences.

Video and quality

At the time of writing the review, there are 481 videos on the site and an extensive archive of photos. All new videos can be viewed in 4K quality, and older ones can only please with extensions from 320×178 to 720×400. Right away I want to note the negative moment which appeared after the update: more than 300 videos were deleted and now the site contains the old videos glued together in fragments. I don’t know for what purpose this was done, but it is what it is.

What I think of the site

Overall, my impressions of Club Inferno Dungeon are very pleasant. A little annoyed by the pop-up updates, but that’s not critical. Pleased with the large number of different subscription options, which gives access to not only one site, but to the network as a whole. Overall evaluation: good.

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