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Today we’re going to dive into the world of really big dicks. If you only have eight inches, then you are almost a child. The site that came to my review is one of the oldest on the Internet and has a very successful history. A variety of big dicks and tight ass penetration is what awaits us in this adventure that begins right now.

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Extra Big Dicks Full review

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Extra Big Dicks is one of the oldest sites on the Internet that offers its viewers quality gay porn. The resource itself is part of the Pride Studios network, which can’t help but get excited, as bonus access to the content of eight other sites appears. The first minutes of being on the site left only a pleasant experience. There were virtually no irritating factors that could interfere with exploring the resource. I really liked the approach of the creators of the site, almost immediately without too much movement, you can run the video you like and start getting high. 

A little history from the big dicks

The history of the site itself goes back to 2005, at that time a large part of the episodes were shot by hot Latinos, as the shooting took place in Miami. The cast was also not stellar, mostly starring newbies and amateurs. However, even from the beginning of the site, the main concept was followed: only big dicks. In fact, I even hung up on some episodes, as I didn’t understand how you could get such a big dick up someone’s ass.


What do you get in the video?

Let’s talk a little bit about the quality of the videos on offer. A fan of big dicks should definitely visit this site. Despite the fact that a big dick is the main concept, there are some good plots, and most importantly, diverse actors. You can meet a jock, a young boy or an overgrown hairy daddy. All the characters in any episode selflessly fuck in the mouth and in the ass. The cast is also very diverse, you can meet famous stars and newcomers who have just begun to explore the world of porn. 

How is the quality?

Considering the fact that the site is pretty old, the first videos you can watch in 720×540 or less, but what’s nice – all the videos can be easily played on your mobile device. Newer episodes are available for viewing at 1920×1080 and smaller. For about a year, clips have been uploaded to the site in 4K. For each video an archive of photos is available. Separately, I would like to mention a quality player, which fully meets the needs of users. At the time of writing the review there are 1329 videos available, but apparently now updates are not as often as we would like. 

What do I think about the site?

Extra Big Dicks is definitely an interesting site to visit, even if you are a sophisticated viewer. I had a lot of fun exploring the site, and even some minuses in the form of banners and infrequent updates couldn’t ruin the overall experience. Given that the site belongs to a large network, and you get access to other videos, the offer is good. Overall rating: good. 

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