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Do you like to watch gay porn that allows you to enjoy not only good sex, but also a very beautiful visual component? There aren’t too many sites like that, but they do exist and they make real fans of gay porn happy. Today I have in my review was just such a site, which is a combination of good sex and great pictures. Sit back, we are going on an exciting adventure

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Freshmen is a unique site that allows you to dive into the world of young guys who are just starting out in the porn industry. Genius producer Georges Duroy, who in a long struggle to get the exclusive rights to the name (he worked in the magazine of the same name) together with Bel Ami Online was able to surprise even the true connoisseurs of gay porn. By departing from the traditional canons and creating a more advanced site, Duroy was able to stand apart from the usual standards and gave us a truly new product. Let’s get to the bottom of it.


Is the site pleasing

To be honest, our guest today is not at all typical and cannot be compared to any other site related to porn. The design is more like a magazine where you can open a certain page and read something. 

(One of the latest updates)

One of the main features of the site is considered to be its interface. There are usually two or three videos and a selection of photos in each site update. You click on an update, and two or three videos appear in front of you. That is, the videos do not go in a continuous stream. The interface of the site does not cause any special difficulties, everything is intuitive.


The main characters on the site are young guys, most of whom have not yet decided whether they want to start a career in porn or not. Plots are quite simple, but to be honest, they are not really needed here, because you get to enjoy a good sex of young guys. 

The actors who star in the videos are mostly from Eastern Europe, which is noticeable when you go to the page with information about the actors. 


To be honest I was pleased with the fact that in addition to the beautiful pictures there is also additional information about the characters in the clips. After looking closely, I noticed some very famous guys, but I don’t think that will be a big problem for the concept of the site. Either way is far superior to sites with similar content.


At the time of writing this review, there were over 800 videos available to potential viewers, but let’s not forget that videos come out two or three at a time in one update. You’ll be able to watch the videos in three resolutions: 1440×810, 960×540 and 624×350. At first glance, this is not exactly what you should expect from such a site, but the videos have good clarity and the cameramen are sure to know their stuff. Each episode is also accompanied by a selection of photos. According to the creators of the site there are 4 updates a month, but since there is no yes, it is difficult to verify this information. 

My impressions

Freshmen is a site that is definitely worth subscribing to, as the content offered is of very high quality and the creators of the videos make real works of art. My overall evaluation: excellent.

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