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Do you like hardcore gay porn as much as I do? I think our tastes are the same, especially when you consider the fact that the main characters in the shoot are young and beautiful guys. The site that came to my review specializes in just such porn. Sit back as we embark on an exciting adventure into the world of hardcore sex.

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  • Lots of exclusive content
  • Good balance between amateur and professional actors
  • Adaptive player
  • You can watch videos from your smartphone
  • Few updates
  • No free video downloads

Guy Bone is a site that specializes in hardcore porn involving young guys. You can find here quite good videos of different formats, to which even the most demanding viewer will have no complaints. The site is mainly filmed by young guys in pretty good shape and ready to enthusiastically explore each other’s bodies. Let’s get to the bottom of this in more detail.


To be honest, I have a rather ambiguous impression of the site. The design is very interesting, but it felt like it was underdeveloped. Also I did not fully understand the logic of the location of all the tabs.

Hardcore gay porn

The color scheme is unobtrusive, I also did not find errors. Separately, I should mention the page with a profile of the actors, it is one of the best I’ve seen in all my time writing reviews.

Suggested content

The site positions itself as a place where you can watch hardcore gay porn. And it’s really true. You can watch a lot of solo videos, couples sex, threesomes and there are even group scenes. I personally really like the way the actors are chosen for the videos.

Young guys in pretty good shape

You can meet enough young and not-so-young guys who are happy to have sex, spreading their holes in front of the members of their mates. There are clips with quite athletic actors, but I did not notice any emphasis on the physical shape of the models.

Personally, I really liked the way the crew approached their work. You will come across a lot of really good shots, especially at the moment of penetration or when someone is cumming.


At the time of writing this review, there were 375 videos on the site that you can watch in 1428×804 resolution and below. Separately, I want to say thank you for the adaptive player which determines the acceptable quality on your monitor. You will also have a good selection of photos. Unfortunately, this is not without its disadvantages. The site is updated only twice a month and you can’t say video is free, only for a fee.

My impressions

Guy Bone is a site that deserves a subscription. I would not be able to say it is the best of its kind, however it is not bad either. My overall evaluation: good.

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