Hot House review

How do you feel about pumped-up guys? What if a couple of athletically built jocks had a fun party and filled each other’s butts with cum? That’s exactly the kind of video you can watch on a site that came to my review today. Let’s see if our expectations and reality match up.

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Hot House Full review

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Hot House is a studio that started back in 1993. During that time, it has gone through many ups and downs, and is now part of Falcon Studios. Unlike other studios, our guest today in his commercials has always shown sex jocks, athletes and just tight guys. What immediately caught my eye is that both famous stars and young actors, who have just discovered the world of porn, take part in the shooting.  

hot house gay porn review

What is immediately noticeable?

Let’s look into it in more detail. I’ve watched a considerable number of clips from the site, and I’m happy to note that the plots are diverse, and the locations are constantly changing. Depending on your preference, you can see couples sex, threesomes, or group scenes. Quite often studios save money on locations, but in this case everything is more than good: home scenes, pool scenes, garages, locker rooms and of course gyms. What is particularly welcome, the studio does not skimp on exclusives and tries to work only with quality content.

It is worth noting the work of the resource. Given the fact that the site is part of the network, I expected to see possible problems, but with the technical part everything is fine. Intuitive interface, good optimization and absence of errors. A little confused by the pop-up banners and some tricks from the developers, but nothing to worry about.

hot house gay porn site

Quality of available video

From what I did not like, it is worth noting the regularity of adding new episodes: the site is updated only twice a month. On the one hand this is not very nice, but on the other hand the available videos (1079) are more than enough. As is often the case with older sites, the earlier episodes are available in 640×428 and 720×480 which is more than enough. The new videos are available in Full HD and 4K. The number of available photos is relatively small, but only the best photos are selected for almost every episode. I didn’t see any obvious problems while watching the clips from my smartphone. 

What I think about the site

I’ve never been a big fan of gay porn with muscular guys, but I have to point out that it’s still beautiful. Pumped up bodies, powerful dicks and more will clearly be popular with the audience. Despite the little flaws that exist, the experience is good. Also, let’s not forget that buying a subscription will also give you access to bonus content from Falcon Studios. Score: good.

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