Next Door Buddies review

Well, let’s get ready to embark on another interesting journey. Today we’ve got young guys with pumped-up bodies, ready to please each other with blowjobs, ass-fucking, masturbation and all sorts of other stuff. Agree, what could be better than a handsome guy, with the right features and ready to have a little fun? I don’t think there’s anything.

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Next Door Buddies Full review

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  • Quality content
  • Good actors
  • Network-wide access to video
  • Great site
  • Quite a lot of ads

Next Door Buddies is one of the oldest sites on the internet offering its viewers quality gay porn. The site itself is part of the Next Door Studios network and has been around for over 16 years. There’s a ton of hardcore porn videos waiting for you, with beautiful young men and women pounding each other’s butts, sucking cock, and having group sex. Over the years, the site has built up a decent amount of episodes, so any viewer will be able to find something for themselves. Given the fact that the site works as part of a network, you will not be limited to content from only one resource. Let’s understand in more detail.

What awaits us at the site?

To begin with the unpleasant moments. As soon as I entered the site I was bombarded with several notifications which spoiled my first impression of the site. Personally I think that such moments only harm the attendance, but the owners of the resource apparently have their own opinion. I was able to see the page of the site through the banners.

(home page)

At first glance, all is well enough. The user sees the home page, all the available tabs, the logo and the splash screen. I like this brevity, but all the necessary tabs are in their places and it is quite pleasant to use the site. 


From the very beginning of its development, the resource has been notable for its variety in episodes. Here you can find scenes with masturbation, couples sex, threesomes and group sex. Personally, I am pleased with the fact that the episodes are filmed by men of different types. You can meet completely smooth guys, with beards or tattoos. All of them, without exception, are fit and athletic. You will often meet white and black guys, Latinos are not uncommon either. The site has a good ratio of newcomers to professional actors.

( At the time of writing, there are 839 videos on the site)

As is often the case with older sites, all new videos can be viewed in 4K and reduced in quality. The oldest videos are only available in 720×480 resolution. The site has photo selections for almost every video and in acceptable quality depending on the age of the video. The only major problem will be the frequency of updates to the site, the clips do not come out very often. However, given their total number, you will not feel the need for new content for a long time.


Next Door Buddies as a whole makes a pleasant impression, if we do not take into account the excess of advertising. On the plus side I can say:

  • Quality content
  • Good actors
  • Network-wide access to video
  • Great site

Of the minuses:

  • Quite a lot of ads
  • Few updates

Overall, the site deserves a paid subscription, I’m sure you’ll be satisfied. Score: good.

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