Sketchy Sex review

Have you ever been to a fun party where you ended up having sex? Or specifically looked for a one-night stand? Unbridled fun. That was my first impression when I went to the site we’ll be reviewing today. What came out of it in the end will be described below. Sit back as we embark on an exciting adventure.

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Sketchy Sex Full review

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  • Exclusive videos
  • Not a bad idea of the site
  • A lot of different actors
  • Videos lack quality
  • Can't download clips

SketchySex is a rather interesting site, which offers you gay porn, which can be called a “dirty party”. From the beginning of the site we were invited to watch three guys who live under the same roof and are in constant search of a partner for sex, along the way pleasing themselves and their friends. The format itself turned out to be quite interesting, especially for those who like “real” sex that can happen in real life. 


Given the idea that we are gradually revealed, the visual design of the site does not play such a big role, but it would not hurt to smooth out some rough edges in the design.


(Home page of the site)

The interface is not the most convenient, but I can easily find all the pages I am interested in. Also, no errors in the site I did not see.


To be honest, I was not pleased with the first impressions, but when I started watching the video I changed my mind. The potential viewer will see a lot of different porn, mostly made by pretty young guys.


(Videos that are on the site)

Given the main topic of the site, it’s no surprise that you can see young guys participating in group sex, threesomes, and couples sex. A lot of naked dicks that fill partners’ asses and mouths with cum are waiting for you. Special mention should be made of the work of the cameramen who are leading the filming. It is thanks to them that you can see close-up shots of a big dick penetrating a tight asshole.  In any case, everything happening on the video looks pretty good, even despite the fact that nobody observes the original canon any more (the actors have changed))

Quality of Content

At the time the review was being written, there were 227 videos on the site that can be viewed in a fairly low resolution (1280×720 if not less). This is not surprising considering the specifics, but don’t expect too clear videos. Also, if you like to watch your favorite actors on third-party resources or social media, you won’t find any information on the site.

My impressions

SketchySex is a really good site that is definitely worth subscribing to. There are no beautiful videos as on the top sites, but you do not need them here because you are just waiting for good stories with hard dirty sex. Overall rating: good.

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