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Do you like watching young guys fuck each other in the ass or give each other blowjobs? Today we’re going to dive right into the world of young guys who know how to have good sex. Today we’re going to explore a fairly young site, take a look at what it’s been able to accomplish and how good a place it is. Sit back and make yourselves comfortable. We are going on a fascinating journey.

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Stag Collective Full review

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  • Good site
  • Lots of beginners
  • Quality of video
  • Access to resources all over the web
  • network updates several times weekly
  • New videos only appear once a month
  • There are pre-checked options on signup page. If left checked, you will automatically be subscribed to another site.

Stag Collective is a site that is part of the Next Door Studios network. There are not many ready-made episodes on the site yet, but believe these young guys already know a lot about cool sex and capable of surprising even the most sophisticated viewers. Videos that have already been uploaded to the site will interest fans of interviews, boys who are starting their first sex and beginners in particular. The main focus is on beginners and amateurs, although there are some pretty famous actors as well. Let’s get started. 

Site is part of a larger network

The site is part of a larger network, so there are virtually no bugs or poor interface. You will be greeted with a nice site with a colorful design and a thoughtful interface that allows you to use the site without any problems. I checked every tab and found no bugs or bad optimization anywhere. I would like to make a special mention of the homepage.

stage collective member area

(Home page)

An understated design, a colorful logo, and on the splash screen you can immediately see several actors and their merits. Now let’s move on to the most important thing. 


At the time of writing this review, the site has only 62 videos to offer its users. Unfortunately, we have to note the fact that the site is only updated once a month. Considering the aplomb with which it opened, this is at least strange, but we’ll leave it to the conscience of the owners. You can watch the available videos in 4K and Full HD, which is nice especially when combined with the adaptive player and the ability to watch your favorite videos on all devices. As you watch all the episodes, you’ll encounter couples sex, couples sex, threesomes, and group sex. The actors feature athleticism and simply beautiful bodies. Some of the videos available are popular.

stage collecrive gay site review

(Website Trends)

In addition to videos, the site also has sets of photos, of course also in good quality. The storyline is simple enough and you won’t see anything new there, but considering the fact that there are a lot of newcomers in the videos, it might even be interesting. 


Stag Collective is a young site that should be paid attention to. If the frequency of updates increases in the near future, it won’t be a bad player in the gay porn world. What I liked:

  • Good site
  • Lots of beginners
  • Quality of video
  • Access to resources all over the web


  • New videos only appear once a month

Personally, I would buy a subscription given the fact that you get access to all of the network’s resources. It’s a good investment that will pay for itself. Rating: average.

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