Top Fan Vids review

Professional porn actors often create author content and delight their fans with good porn videos. Our guest today will allow you to dive into the world of professional gay porn made by established actors. Big dicks that go into tight asses, lots of blowjobs and masturbation. Let’s find out if our expectations will be met. Sit back as we embark on a fascinating journey.

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Top Fan Vids Full review

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  • Content from professional actors
  • Variety of scenes
  • Videos can be viewed on a variety of devices
  • Regular updates
  • Not a well-designed website
  • If you sign up for a trial membership, not all available content will be available

Top Fan Vids is a relatively new site that features videos made by professional actors. Viewers get some pretty high quality hardcore porn that looks very natural. I enjoyed watching this large amount of hard dicks and athletic male bodies. However, is everything as good as it seems at first glance? Let’s get to the bottom of this site.

How well made is the site?

Our guest today was made by the guys who created Masqulin and Men at Play, so I had pretty high expectations. However, I was frankly frustrated as soon as I came to this site.

topfanvideo member area

(This is what the homepage of the site looks like)

Quite a simple design, which will not make you happy. The interface is as simple as possible, I had no problems navigating the site. For all the time of using the site I did not notice any errors or problems with optimization.

The quality of the content offered

As I said before, on this site all the available videos are shot by professional actors, so all the scenes are really pleasing. You can see couples sex, threesomes, gay group porn and much more.

top fan vids last video

(Video is on the website)

As for the storyline, there is practically none. Partners usually go straight to the action, but this is not a minus, but even a plus, because there is no need to play a role and you can fully give yourself to the process. The commercials feature a variety of men, so you are sure to find something to your liking. There is almost no information about the actors, but it is not necessary, because you know your favorites.

The quality of the available video

At the time of writing the review, there were 375 videos available for potential viewers. The site has an adaptive player, so it is easy to adjust it to the screen of your device. The quality of the videos is quite high (1280×720 and below), although we are not talking about professional filming. You can watch all the videos on your smartphone or tablet. The site is updated regularly, but if you have a trial membership some videos will not be available.


Top Fan Vids is a pretty good site that I had a good time on. Despite some downsides, there are still more pros, and the atypical content only excites. Overall rating: average.

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